Amanda Marchand

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Because the Sky
is the Same Sky for Everyone

Artist Book and series.

This is a series of moons/ suns, black holes. The eighteen photographs are negatives (from a digital positive), and therefore shadow or ghost images, all from one summer. An Artist Book in an edition of 50 and housed in a clear plexi case, as well as a series of large-scale prints (30x45" or 24x17"), "Because the Sky" posits a alternate reality beyond that of the known or visible world.

(See installations to view some of these images now permanently installed at the Montreal MUHC Glen Hospital.)

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Queen Rose  

Apples and Starfruit  


Silver Clover Club  

Fall to Pieces  

Blueberry Shrub  

Aunt Agatha  

Jack's Shadow  


House of Friends  

Forever Young  

The Last Word  

Black Velvet